Welcome to Coffee MIO Sydney.

Coffee MIO is a Roaster of authentic Italian espresso coffee and exclusive Australian distributor of Gaggia Coffee Machines.

Born in Melbourne in the fifties from the passion of two Italian brothers with a second-hand coal burning roaster, Coffee MIO has grown from a fledgling cottage industry into a leading coffee supplier in Australia and overseas.

Coffee MIO Sydney is now bringing this much-loved coffee to the good people of New South Wales. Authentic Italian espresso coffee combined with world-renowned Italian Gaggia coffee machines makes Coffee MIO the best choice for people who are serious about fine coffee.

MIO: it’s Italian for ‘my’. Coffee MIO – it’s my coffee.

At Coffee MIO, we bring together in perfect harmony the four primary elements of coffee excellence: the coffee, the method and equipment for grinding it, the know-how of the individuals who draw the coffee, and the Gaggia machines which produce it.

Contact us to talk over your requirements or better yet, drop in to our Sydney showroom to learn more about our coffee and speak with our friendly and professional team.


In addition to the world’s most sophisticated authentic Italian espresso coffee blends, we sell Gaggia coffee machines and all the coffee supplies our customer’s need. We also provide a range of services designed to help our business customers flourish.

Coffee MIO Sydney offers:

Trained Technicians who can provide round-the-clock servicing to ensure your coffee machine and grinder perform at their peak.

Staff Training we can facilitate staff training at our purpose-built showroom or at your premises to help your team create the perfect cup every time.

Trained Customer Service Professionals who understand your business and ensure that YOU have all the information, support and products you need to help your business grow.

Premium Positioning with our branding. Grow your business and enhance your reputation in the minds of the coffee-loving public with our Coffee MIO brand.

The brand:

At Coffee MIO we aim for premium positioning, high visibility and exceptional consumer awareness and recall.

Upmarket and Memorable our design team have created an elegant look which is reflected on all of our crockery and packaging.

Classy Branded Windbreaks and Umbrellas that attract customers to your café or restaurant.

Stylish Branded T-Shirts and Trendy Aprons that your staff are proud to wear.